Success is no accident

Without investing in the right thing, you will never be able to live a fulfilling life. The I’m The Bank Program is designed to provide you with the information and assistance you need to invest in yourself and your potential. Jeffry Oboite teaches you how to master the art of entrepreneurship and evaluate the financial benefits.


Building a quality life cannot happen without investing in the right thing–you. The Full Time CEO Program is designed to give you the knowledge and ongoing support required to invest in yourself and potential. Our program provides insightful, relevant, practical skills that elevate blooming entrepreneurs and refines them into the best version of themselves, Full Time CEOs. We offer the resources for your vision that you will not find anywhere else.  

Is The I AM THE BANK Program Right For You?

You’ve come to the perfect place if you have an insatiable desire to be more, to work smarter rather than harder, and to pursue your aspirations by following your passion. The I’m The Bank program is suitable for anyone who envisions themselves doing something they enjoy.

What you learn here may be applied to any field, and the greatest part is that it’s inexpensive! This program is for people who want to work hard and earn a living.


For only $197/month you not only get the I’m The Bank Course and 4 Steps to Financial Freedom Training Program, you receive ongoing support from peers and experts in the form of bi-weekly coaching calls, monthly advanced masterclasses, and a private Facebook Group.

Hours of Video Lessons

Hundreds of hours of new information aimed at helping you become the best CEO possible.

Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls

Join Jeffrey Oboite for bi-weekly conversations aimed at refining your executive skills and mentality.

Monthly Masterclass

Monthly masterclasses at a high level to help you diversify and develop your income streams.

Private Facebook Group

With like-minded entrepreneurs, you can network, connect, and grow. Your accountability partner is awaiting you.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the I’m The Bank Course.

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Class 1| How the concept, “I’M THE BANK” started

          • Meet Jeffrey Oboite
          • Mindset over everything
          • What it means to becoming the bank

Class 2 | School vs. Life

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Class 3 | The 4 P’s of Success

            • Perception
            • Passion
            • Perseverance 
            • Patient

Class 4 | Change is a pre-requisite for success

            • Relationship changes
            • Behavioral changes 
              • Daily life activities 
                • Watch how you eat, affects your mental
                • Create short goals and challenges to prepare you for bigger ones
              • Stop the gossip
              • Stop watching tv all day
              • Stop making excuses
              • Not willing to put in the work

Class 5 | The Bitter Sweet Taste of Business

            • It’s okay to fail 
            • My personal examples
            • How my greatest failure opened up the door to my greatest success

Class 6| Identify your WHY?

              • When your why is greater than your excuse
              • How your WHY affects the 4 P’s of success

Class 7 | Plan out your WHY

              • Strategy vs. Tactics

Class 8| Execute your WHY

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How Will The Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls Benefit You?

Jeffrey Oboite I’m The Bank group coaching is in high demand, and it often costs $5,000 or more. As part of your ongoing monthly membership, you can now have access to his bi-weekly coaching program. Discover everything you need to know about becoming the best leader, entrepreneur, and CEO you can be!


Once a month, join Jeffrey Oboite for an in-depth masterclass. Learn advanced abilities that you’ll need as a CEO, as well as various ways to supplement your income.

These masterclasses will be offered to the general public for $197-$497, however they are included in your I’m The Bank monthly subscription (along with the archived recordings).

Pre-loaded with 5 advanced masterclasses that are no longer available to the general public.

Become A #ImTheBank Member Today

Valued At Over $7,000+, Join Now For Only $197/Month!

Lifelong learning is the first indicator of a successful entrepreneur, and it lays the groundwork for smoothly managing economic swings. The I’m The Bank Program has been shown to help entrepreneurs prepare for business, life, and everything in between. The All-Inclusive course covers all aspects of running, sustaining, and developing a business. The I’m The Bank Program is a fantastic resource for both new and seasoned business owners.

Don’t put off putting your ambition to work and building your business so that you can not only sleep better at night, but also diversify your income and make money while you sleep. This curriculum explains how to achieve the American dream and teaches you how to do it.